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Zylkene® Equine

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Zylkene® Equine helps horses cope naturally with stressful situations. Zylkene's unique, milk-derived ingredient helps horses cope the same way Nature calms the nursing foal.

*CONTAINS NO PROHIBITED SUBSTANCES. See FEI CleanSport, USEF or AQHA guidelines to learn more.

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Zylkene® Equine

The Barn Blog

  • Colic by definition refers to any abdominal discomfort your horse may be experiencing. As in people, the number of causes of colic are many. Of primary importance initially is to identify that your horse is showing signs of colic.

    The signs of colic vary greatly and the outward manifestations are often, but not always, in direct proportion to the severity of the underlying causative agent. Below, some signs of colic are discussed.

    1. Failure to eat

  • What is a pre-purchase examination?  At its core, it is an examination to determine the current health status of a horse being considered for purchase. The controversy and problems, up to and including litigation, stem from misunderstanding concerning what the term “examination” means, the role of the seller, the role of the buyer, and the role of the veterinarian.

  • Historically, the most effect way to control parasites was believed to be by deworming every 8 weeks with a rotation of the class of active ingredient used. This incorrect approach has resulted in...

  • ADR. A highly technical term describing any variety of maladies affecting equines from attitude problems to performance issues to poor body condition...

Zylkene Equine