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Flexadin® Advanced with UC-II®

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Flexadin® Advanced with UC-II® promotes cartilage development and joint health at the immunologic level. Its unique, patented collagen ingredient interacts with the digestive system to support joint integrity. Once daily administration, backed by a comparison study in horses, improves flexibility, mobility, and physical activity.

Flexadin® Advanced with UC-II® has been specifically formulated to:

  • Enhance the body’s normal repair of cartilage and joints
  • Helps reduce joint discomfort and swelling
  • Help maintain joint mobility and flexibility
  • Help support the structural integrity of joints
  • Support a healthy inflammatory response
  • Helps reduce autoimmunity to type II collagen


UC-II® and logo are trademarks of Lonza and its affiliates.

Flexadin® Advanced with UC-II®

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Flexadin Advanced with UC-II